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Morning Journal

I believe that if you own the morning, you own the day. So the morning journal is one of the ways that help me start the day with more positive energy.

[1] The first box is where the goals & principles are inputted. Defining them every morning allows me to live with a more apparent purpose. Also, they enhance my emotional strength as they function as pillars for the day. Whichever value is inputted will be read in python to convert them into an hourly reminder of slack messages. 

[2] This part is where I journal. Some of the contents include what I'm thankful for, creative ideas, philosophical thoughts, goals for today, or what I can do to improve my daily habits. 

Morning Journal: input variables

7 Habits

These are 7 habits from "7 habits of highly effective people" by Stephen Covey. I was greatly impacted by these habits, so I choose one every day as a reminder. 

Relationship principles

These relationship principles are based on a book called, "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie. Also a phenomenal book with many insights on human relations.


I make at least one promise with myself every day. This is because I believe in gradual change and the power of consistency. Instead of hoping for an unrealistic change, keep at least one promise a day. 

Thankful for ...

Starting off a day with gratitude is like putting on an armour before going into a war. There are all kinds of negativity that will try to challenge your emotions throughout the day. However, with the morning gratitude, you will be prepared.

Morning Routine

After reading the Morning Journal database in Notion, python then reads the Morning Routine database shown above. With the received data, python turns them into a meaningful slack message. Also, the codes output an hourly prediction of the day's overall percentage

For example, if Meditation Duration is empty, it takes an average of the past three days of meditation data to predict the total score. At 7:00 AM (1st image) in the slides below under Slack: Hourly Update, the estimation is 15.33 minutes. However, at 8:00 AM (2nd image), it is changed to 17 minutes, which implies that the meditation data was inputted after 8 AM. [ * symbol in front of the variables means that it is NOT an estimation ]

Similarly, Rise Time, Reading, and other variables' estimations are calculated to predict the overall percentage accurately. Doing so provides a general idea of my current progress and encourages me to push myself for a better daily score.

Slack: Hourly Update

3 Purposes of Hourly Slack Update

1. Be aware of my current position of the day with a simple notification
2. Get reminded of today's principles and promises
3. Encouraged to push me further to achieve a higher total percentage throughout the day 

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