Notion Automation 

Why is the visualization updated daily?

The purpose of this visualization is to know where I am in my life cycle. It is similar to a compass, providing clear footprints and guiding me in the right direction. It also helps me to push myself every day. Since the days are graded, it encourages me to aim higher total percentage than the past grades. For example, if I had received 65.2% the day before, I would aim to live high 60's or even over 70% by finishing one more to-do list, waking up earlier, and so on.

This visualization is slightly different from the evaluation plots shown in Data Recording or Evaluation Analysis. As shown below, some features are added to the graph that works as a catalyst to push me further. 

This visualization has been the first and the last thing that I see every day. It has worked beautifully to maintain healthy habits and get rid of the bad ones. Below is a simulation of how my schedules and the visualization are daily updated. 

Automated Visualization Sample

Key Points:

Video Simulation (Original Version)

Automation Guide

  1. Log in to my notion page
  2. Schedule my to-do lists for the day by reading every block(tasks) in the database
  3. Change the number of the Total to-do list
  4. Open Evaluation page where all my past evaluations are stored
  5. Download the CSV file for the visualization & delete the unnecessary file after replacing the existing one
  6. Run the python script that creates and saves the plot
  7. Update the current image via Notion API


All codes can be viewed on Github

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