Jaehyung Andy Lee

State University of New York at Geneseo
B.A. in Mathematics with Data Analytics Concentration

Multicultural Background
Born in Scotland, Grew up in South Korea, Educated in the US
Fluent in English and Korean







Data Recording


Automation of scheduling daily tasks, downloading evaluations, and updating visualizations (Python)

Recording data in Notion using different mathematical models, and connecting to Python using Notion API

Setting up hourly notification system to inform the current status using Slack and Python

Evaluating strengths and weaknesses of my lifestyle and searching for patterns using correlation tests & regression models

Self-Evaluation Project

Before the project, ​​it was easy to lose a grip on my emotional well-being. My brain would often be overwhelmed with a flood of information and be constantly challenged with unending tasks. The most unfortunate part of all, I did not invest in self-development when it could provide creativity, happiness, and growth. However, through the project, I was able to create healthy habits, significantly increase my GPA, and find emotional peace. It has undoubtedly changed my life.

Self-development such as meditation, reading, journaling, and a good diet elevates the quality of life. However, acquiring healthy habits was not an instant process. Therefore, by recording, analyzing, improving, and managing the data through a self-evaluation project, I was able to habituate these routines more efficiently.

The self-evaluation project pushed me to become a better version of myself every day. The idea of the project was derived from Math exams. The graded exams help analyze which parts need the most improvement. Similarly, I wanted to apply this idea to my daily life and receive objective feedback. Thus, by quantifying everyday life, I could observe the strengths and weaknesses of my lifestyle.